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Friday, February 1, 2008

Stargate Worlds turns 2

from the Toddler with a Gauss-cannon dept.:

It seems hard to believe that the Stargate Worlds project is tumbling along as a two-year-old now, and according to this article on Gamespot, Studio Head Rod Nakamoto is talking of a 2008 beta and release. In addition to talking about the novel tie-in of game content with the current airing series, he also talks tantalizingly about enhancements to the combat model :

RN: There are a few things we're really proud of already, especially our combat system. We're taking MMORPG combat in an evolutionary direction, meaning that the RPG aspects are all here, but there are significant enhancements to the system that make it work with the tactical modern combat and science-fiction weapons that are so integral to the Stargate IP.

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