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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Firesky talks about integrating technology

from the If you build it They Will Come dept.

Gamasutra reports on Firesky's Joe Ybarra's read of MMO live deployment, and the escalation of process and cost in producing and then operating a major online property.

"Many video game companies try to reinvent the wheel every time," Ybarra continued, noting that Firesky decided to go for "established tech" (in the form of Unreal Engine 3 and BigWorld Technology) and spend their time and money on creating content.

Firesky got Unreal and BigWorld to "talk to" each other last year, but Ybarra did note that it had more trouble getting the tools set up. Despite that, based on a belief in fast prototyping, they managed to get a combat system developed within six months in the pre-production process - an approach, Ybarra claimed, that minimizes risk and allows a focus on content."

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