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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BigWorld features 'first' in list of middleware engines on Gamasutra

from the Luckily there isn't an 'Aardvark' engine dept.

Thanks to the miracle of alphabeticization, BigWorld is listed first in the round-up on Gamasutra, just nudging out Crysis and literally at the other end of the pile from Unreal 3, were it not for the fact Epic starts with an 'E'. Simutronics HeroEngine is the only other listed MMO specific engine.

A few omissions to the article include previously shipped BigWorld games and Virtual Worlds - Netease currently burning brightly in China with TianXia 2, and Metaversum's Twinity. The first BigWorld title shipped in the first half of 2006, making four shipped MMO client/server middleware-powered games by 2008. In the coming quarters we should see launch activity from other BigWorld titles in beta, Firesky's Stargate Worlds and Interzone's Futebol.

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