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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Interzone Futebol indeed Free to Play.

from the Get it Right dept.

American-out-of-water-in-Australia developer Joseph Hewitt almost - but not really - trembles with unspoken rage at the Total PC Gaming magazine factual error about whether Interzone's Futebol has a free to play model or no - which it clearly *does* as it begins it's launch roll-out in Brazil first.

Actually Hewitt is quite level-headed throughout his blog post and seems entirely reasonable about the magazine error. The article itself notes that there is another soccer title, albeit with a markedly different gaming style approach, coming out by publisher Frogster some time in the near future - Kickster.

There is also further competition somewhere inside Korea, as various soccer related titles were glimpsed at this year's GStar games conference in Seoul, plus the 'Football Superstars' title in development in the UK.

A big year then - 2009 - for online football games.

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