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Monday, March 23, 2009

GungHo's Hokuto no Ken Online (Fist of the North Star Online) Gets Major Revamp

Hokuto No Ken is now Hokuto No Ken Online Heroes

At a recent press conference (March 14th 2009) in Tokyo's Akihabara district, BigWorld customer GungHo Entertainment revealed details of a major overhaul of the popular online game title 'Hokuto No Ken Online' [Fist of the North Star Online].

The update is scheduled to be available for download from the middle of April '09.

Four new major gameplay systems were unveiled:

・Hero System
Once per day, a player character selected at random will have the chance to become a Hokuto No Ken Hero - with extra abilities and powers to go with it!

・Crime System
Players can now enjoy various criminally inclined activities around the world of Hokuto No Ken. Steal a motorbike, and rampage through the city.

・Buddy System
Characters from the original "Hokuto No Ken" manga work together to achieve their aims.

・一撃必殺! 「一指奥義(ひとさしおうぎ)」
Hmmm - your translator has no clue what this means! Looks fun though - will get back to you shortly :-)

Anyway folks, will keep you updated on all things BigWorld in Japan and Korea.

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