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Monday, August 10, 2009

BigWorld features seven games at China Joy 09

from the Far East dept.

This July's 'China Joy' - Shanghai's equivalent to E3 showcased a number of MMO titles either released or close to release from some of BigWorld's Chinese licensees.

  1. 天下贰 Tian xia II
  2. 创世西游 Chuang shi xi you
  3. 创世Online Chuang shi Online
  4. 侠客列传 Xia ke lie zhuan
  5. 三国群英传OL2 San guo qun ying zhuan OL2
  6. 海陆传奇 Hai lu chuan qi
  7. 鬼吹灯OL Gui chui deng OL

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