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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

38 Studios remarks on Storytelling at AGDC

from the Skip to the End dept

Gamasutra has some AGDC coverage of Steve Danuser from 38 Studios, one of the writers for Curt Schilling's upcoming BigWorld powered title, talks about some of the difficulties in writing for online :
"No one wants to read in MMOs. As much as writers want to think their quest prose is for the ages, reading is not a popular activity in online gaming. The genre is a bad fit for classic storytelling. The strength of the MMO genre is that it is a social medium, a communal experience with a shared narrative.

Giving players the tools to create their own story experiences within that narrative is what keeps them coming back to a game. Both directors firmly believe that MMO writers should be leveraging the strengths of both the medium and the playerbase far more than they do right now." - Gamasutra
More over at the article

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