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Monday, September 21, 2009

Review : Tianxia II by Netease

from the
Better reviewed than Dead dept.

After posting some very solid numbers for Tianxia 2 over the weekend, let's head over to MMO Culture to check out Cinderboy's review of this Netease's title :

TianXia 2 is one of the typical oriental fantasy MMORPG churned out from China, but its the really refined graphics, questing and simplicity which really captivated me. The game was actually in Beta a few years back, but I suppose the company, Netease, had to do some financial shifting to acquire the rights for WoW China, hence the long delay for this game. In case you are wondering, WoW China's chaos is soon to end in the coming weeks. Here's my short journey so far as one of the 8 clans available, the pure magic damage clan.
For more on the game, fantastic screenshots and detailed opinion, head over to MMO Culture.

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