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Monday, September 28, 2009

Opinion : Seeking Alpha - NetEase: Reasons Behind TX2's Success

from the We've only just begun dept.

Seeking Alpha offers up some initial observations surrounding the strong debut of Netease's BigWorld powered title, Tian Xia 2:
TX2 reached 245K PCU during first week of open beta. NetEase's 3D game Tian Xia II (TX2) reached 245000 Peak Concurrent Users (PCU) on September 26, according to my tracking in the chart below. This represents a 32% increase from 185000 on September 19, the day before TX2's open beta. During this 7-day period, TX2's server capacity expanded 36% to 53 server groups. These two data points (32% and 36%) show that TX2's usage level has increased at a similar pace to server additions, and indicate the game's strong ability to attract new users.

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