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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Twinity launches music event ahead of real world album

from the You just missed it dept

Twinity - Berlin and now Singapore friendly Virtual World this week previewed Indie powerhouse duo Kilowatt and Vanek's upcoming (September 11 release) album.

Indie Tuesday: KiloWatts & Vanek Exclusive Sneak Preview of the New Album

Indie Tuesday special! The new album “Focus and Flow” by KiloWatts & Vanek will be presented in Twinity two days before the official release! Bring your best dancing moves as Peter Vanek will be live on site with his avatar and won’t only answer your questions, but also wants to trip the light fantastic!

Listen today to new songs by KiloWatts & Vanek – exclusively in Twinity! The American-Belgian duo melds James Watt’s electronic visions with Peter Vanek’s talent as a songwriter. The result is a bunch of surprisingly complex and enchanting songs which are good for dancing or dreaming – or best both at the same time! The new album will officially be released on Friday, 11 September through and Dependent.
With thanks and props to the Twinity Blog.

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