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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meteor Games is making Twin Skies.

from The Worst kept Secrets dept.

Meteor Games of California have finally come out and officially announced that they are - indeed - calling their MMOG 'Twin Skies'. As top secret operational names for games goes, this has been a thunderous disaster of, well... massive proportions. There have been a host of community related sites up and running for a number of months, providing gossip, outlines and guides to this still in the early days online game. Video blogs, newzines and all manner of promotional and support material is out there - there are even rumours of Twin Skies - The Musical. There have been videos posted, fan poetry and documents all calling this spade by its true name. The news about Twin Skies is pretty much all over the web:

"“We’re excited to announce Twin Skies, our first major project since creating Neopets and a much more ambitious undertaking that aims to change the way gamers of all ages play and socialize in MMOs,” said Adam Powell, CEO and creative director, Meteor Games. “Twin Skies’ technology and design will allow players to access the game from anywhere and in any way they choose. The immersive world, advanced technology and accessible gameplay will be fun for gamers young and old, casual and hardcore alike.”

Unlike traditional MMOGs, such as World of Warcraft, Twin Skies will provide its players with multiple access points for enjoying the game world, allowing them to interact with the game when, where and for however long they want. PC players will be able to jump into the main Twin Skies PC MMO game to adventure, craft or explore the massive open world by themselves or with friends; players can also interact with Twin Skies on the official Web site via a series of fun and impactful flash-based mini games; or users can play Twin Skies through mobile applications and games.

Twin Skies will leverage BigWorld Technology to deliver advanced 3D graphics throughout a vast and seamless open world. The PC component of the game will deliver all of the core mechanics and gameplay that millions of MMOG fans have come to expect, while pushing beyond the boundaries of current MMOG competition by including deep player customization, fun and accessible content and advanced functionality, such as player housing."

Fifty million or more sets of eyeballs from Neopets makes it very difficult to hide an IP, even in the crowded and rapidly expanding online segment. Head on over to Twin Skies to get the low down on what Meteor is doing in the lead up to PAX this year.

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