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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Exclusive screenshot for upcoming Meteor Games MMO

From the If you Write it They will Come dept.

Donna Williams and Adam Powell were kind enough to shunt across the image seen here for their upcoming MMO. The image depicts their Priest class for their upcoming BigWorld-based title being built at their hip studios in West Hollywood, California. Details on the game are thin at the moment - even the title of the game is a closely guarded secret.

What can we infer from this image? From the likely feature set of this class?

  1. If the image is life-sized, Priests are likely be very, very small indeed. They could be up to a maximum of only an inch or three tall (or so - estimates vary). This could be a problem in raids - with the primary healers being crushed underfoot in the chaos of battle by their own comrades. Clearly, Meteor Games have yet to think this through and I can already hear the outcry from the as yet un-massed tribes of players demanding balance and redress from this short-sighted feature.
  2. Again, from this image, we can infer that priests live in hilly, mountainous areas as shown by the constant cascades of rocks tumbling over their heads. Of course, if the previous assessment of their tiny scale is correct, these 'rocks' could also be grains of sand. Or dust motes.
  3. Priests don't appear to have any legs, which means they probably float or levitate in their surroundings. Or if tiny in size as the image indicates, perhaps they are simply blown about by ground effect eddies from the movement of other players. Although there are no posts from early adopters of the class about control issues, we can readily see this becoming an irksome piloting class, akin to a helming a massive re-fuelling tanker aircraft as it lumbers through the night skies - in this case though, one tiny in size, more agile and set in a Fantasy World in a dress.
  4. Priests have three horns on their head, presumably to offset their lack of legs. Again, details on these are sketchy at best, but a likely feature if they are - as we suspect - miniature healers that fly around the map in tiny gnat-like swarms - is the ability to latch onto other characters like a thorn or barb, fixing securely to them with their heads. Healing can then be applied to the target character without fear of drifting away or being flattened as unsuspecting characters sit down to polish their armour.
Check out for more coverage on this intriguing title from the team that brought you Neopets.

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

That's really quite cool! I like the softness of the concept art. I can't help but think that her chest looks a little funny, though.

There's now a fansite for the game at
Under Twin Skies. If you're interested in more game info, it's a great resource!