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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

INTERVIEW : Interzone Futebol

from the Can we Play it yet? dept.

Jeff Lyndon, Interzone's VP of China Operations, steps up to the plate at an interview over at IncGamers. Or maybe not a plate - maybe a goal line. Or takes position at a corner.

"Any other activities in-game that don't have a connection to soccer?

Yes, although the world is centered on futebol we want players to be able to enjoy the game world even if they don’t play futebol. Most features will link back to futebol in some way, but you can just be a fan and enjoy yourself in the social world without ever entering a stadium.

What are the MMO aspects of your game? A persistent universe, character?

Interzone Futebol is a full multiplayer online game with persistent characters, progression and a full 3D world for you to explore. Outside the stadium you’ll find dance clubs, cafes, and shops to explore and have fun in. We are even putting lots of little secrets things for you to discover as you explore and party in the beach side neighborhood of Ipanema."

More of the interview here.

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