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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gamezone interviews Interzone on Futebol

from the Boys from Brazil dept.

In a nice little review of some of the development issues related to making a Massive Soccer title like Futebol, Gamezone talks with the Interzone team :

"Question: Soccer, or football, is a rapidly moving game that requires instant field recognition and reaction from the players. Any sort of lag can adversely affect the game conditions. How do you plan on reducing that potential game-killer?

Jeff: This is a terrific question to start off with Michael! This is actually one of the earliest obstacles we faced when developing our MMO Interzone Futebol. As you said, this can be a potential game-killer and I humbly suspect that it is the main reason that true massively multiplayer online sports games have not been developed.

The first measure we took against lag was choosing the right engine. We believed this problem would be significantly reduced if we were to use a mature and well-developed engine. After reviewing different engines, we decided to use the BigWorld engine. We have developers that are experienced with it and BigWorld is very responsive and supportive toward us."

Interzone is putting the finishing touches on their online sports title, Futebol, which is being released for testing in Brazil later this year.

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