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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

TenTon Hammer Exclusive Interview with Futebol creators, Interzone

from the Kick them where they live dept.

Those steely eyed web vultures at TenTon Hammer have swooped on yet another exclusive in the BigWorld licensee space. Interzone's Jeff Lyndon lets loose some inside gossip on the currently beta soccer title.

Ten Ton Hammer: Opting to introduce Interzone Futebol in Brazil first is a tremendously different approach compared to the tact most MMOG companies take. Why did you decide to enter the Brazilian market first rather than Europe or North America? What sort of opportunities do you see there that aren’t available in those other markets?

An exclusive screenshot from Interzone Futebol.

Lyndon: When we decided to create the game we thought a lot about the people who would play it. We talked about futebol fans and places in the world where futebol was most popular. This all lead naturally to Brazil where “Futebol is Life.” We even went down to Rio and Sao Paulo to experience that culture first hand. It’s an amazing place and their appreciation and enthusiasm for the sport is not only unmatched, it’s infectious. Going to a World Cup game in Brazil is something everybody should do at least once in their life. It’s just… wow!

All this and more over at TenTon Hammer.

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