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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meteor Games' Donna Williams talks to Twin Skies Navigator

from the Music to our Ears dept.

Donna Williams stepped down from her sky throne to talk with Twin Skies Navigator yesterday about the Meteor Games 'in development' BigWorld powered title.

Donna Williams : "The original plan changed quite dramatically from our rather humble initial ideas. We always wanted to make an MMO crossed with a community, but we didn’t think we could pull off 3D. Originally we were aiming to make something in flash, like Dofus, but after looking around at the other free to play and subscription games out there it became pretty apparent that flash just wasn’t going to cut it. We were so impressed with the BigWorld engine, it really opened up so many new opportunities for us and the guys are great to work with. When we started we didn’t think we would be growing so fast, we now have 49 staff and are still hiring. That’s pretty insane for a company that has been around for less than a year! It’s a bit nerve wracking, but so much fun to see everything really come together."

Donna Williams and Adam Powell were the seed talents behind Neopets which remains today one of the largest population-driven web titles ever developed. Head on over to Twin Skies Navigator to check out the full article.

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